Tecmacal ? Equipamentos Industriais, S.A. is the central company of the group that embodies, commercially known as "Grupo Tecmacal?.


In addition to its direct sales stores (in S. Joo da Madeira, Felgueiras and Benedita) the market also has an extensive network of Tecmacal?s resellers and several companies where it is, directly and/or indirectly, involved in its capital; those companies offer products that complement the needs of Tecmacal?s industrial sectors of activity.



Tecmacal has over 35 years of existence and was born fundamentally oriented to the footwear industry. That was why it chosen to be located in So Joo da Madeira, an area recognized in the country and abroad for the tradition in this sector of activity. Focusing its expertise in providing a wide range of machinery, combined with a qualified after-sales service and the aim of covering the entire national market, Tecmacal, quickly branched in the cities of Benedita (South) and Felgueiras (North), regions also strongly associated with the footwear industry.

The growth of Tecmacal?s competences allowed it to affirm itself as a specialized organization in setting up complete manufacturing units, offering a wide range of machinery that covers operations from pre-production and production to finishing, air, design and modeling.

The decline of this sector of activity and the undeniable reality of its future continued downturn, led Tecmacal to give a new direction to their productive and commercial activity. In that way, it fitted out with technical and human resources to produce and sell equipments and goods for the industry in general.

Currently, Tecmacal already has a large number of machines installed across multiple sectors of activity beyond the footwear industry. Tecmacal was able to achieve the objective of staying as a leader in the footwear industry and, at the same time, enter and conquer market share in other sectors of industrial activity.

Tecmacal offers a product portfolio that allows it to maintain the leadership in the footwear industry, to meet the needs of any industrial sector (including by supplying compressed air networks and industrial extraction systems), and also to take a prominent position in the supply of CNC equipments to perform cutting, milling and engraving operations, in sectors of activity such as furniture, metal mechanics, advertising, molds, signs, blacksmith's and automotive.



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Rua dos Combatentes do Ultramar
Zona Industrial n 1
3700 - 089 S. Joo da Madeira
Phone + 351 256 200 480
Fax + 351 256 832 059
E-mail tecmacal@tecmacal.pt