Santos & Pires, Lda. is a company specialized in selling all kinds of sewing threads for the industries of footwear, textiles, leather goods, upholstery, tents, etc.
It also offers to the market other items like latex, reinforcement tapes, zippers, needles, polyethylene foams, eyelets, velcros, pins and straps, canvas, textiles, scissors, etc.

Santos & Pires distributes some of the most internationally respected brands such as Coats & Clark, YKK, Adetex, Durkopp-Adler and Claveles.
It also brings to the market a product totally manufactured by the company S. Santos & Pires that produces sewing threads. In this way it controls the product and all its manufacturing processes, ensuring the overall quality that wants for the product SAPFIL, and achieving a wide range of threads applicable to various sectors of activity at a competitive price.

Santos & Pires is certified under ISO 9001:2008 and has been certified since 2003.

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empresa foto

Santos & Pires mission is to provide innovative products to the professionals of footwear and textile industries, with maximum quality and speed of delivery, obtaining technical solutions that create value and generate practical results, ensuring loyalty and allegiance of the market.

The global organization of Tecmacal?s Group is built on common strategic pillars that define its policy. Those pillars characterize all the organization, including Santos & Pires, and aim to fortify and solidify all the organization teams.

Some of those values are:

- Passion;

- Professionalism;

- Permanent innovation;

- Availability to always present new solutions;

- Positive thinking;

- Open, critic and pro-active spirit;

- Humility.